National Champion 2019


        This weekend I have fulfilled one of my biggest dreams. I have become champion of the Czech Republic 2019. The championship took place in Pilsen and all the best Czech players took part.


        I managed to gradually get through Lukáš Zevl, Honza Zevl, Honza Janoštík and last year´s champion Jan Louda. In the finals, I won against Honza Frohlich. On the court I was enjoying every moment of the game, not thinking about anything else. It was an amazing experience, especially the moment when I finally won the title. These are the memories to remember the whole life. I am so grateful that it happened. Hard work, belief and humbleness is what sooner or later makes dreams come true and I am ready to face all upcoming challenges.


       I would like to thank my family and friends for their support, they always help push me forward. Also I want to thank all my partners and sponsors for the resources they give me, so that I can go and chase my dreams. Finally thanks to all my fans. Without you, I couldn’t achieve all of this.


Cheers from Nymburk, Adam





Bojovali jsme, ale letos to na titul nestačilo. Kousek chyběl. V každém případě gratulace vítězům BK 1973 Deltacar Benátky n/J a díky všem spoluhráčům z Badminton FSpS MU za skvělou sezónu.


Dnes od 14/00 finále české extraligy proti BK 1973 Deltacar Benátky n/J. Držte palce.


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