World Championships 2018


        The highlight of this summer was the World Championships 2018 in Nanjing, China. I had been looking forward to it for a long time, because these tournaments are always huge in China. And this time was no different. Furthermore, my draw for the first round was the third top player in the world, Shi Yu Qi from China. I set off for the tournament after one month of training in Germany. From Vienna, over Taiwan to my destinaton – Nanjing.  

        Starting from the airport, everything was exceptionally well prepared. We were immediately taken care of by local volunteers, who put me on a bus to the hotel. These tournaments always have a great atmosphere and being among the worlds best players is what I have always wanted. Especially when an event like this is taking place in China. I spent my first 2 days training and getting used to the conditions of heat and humidity. The arena was really beautiful. Having a capacity of 20000 people, it was sold out from the quarterfinals onwards. That gave the tournament a special spark.

        On Monday 30.7., my match against the Chinese top player took place on court 1. Even our entrance was a great show. Over 4000 people showed up for the first day. The atmosphere was amazing. The match went on just as me and my coaches (Detlef Poste from Germany and Xu Yan Wang from China) had expected. We went throught the tactics on the previous day and we looked for the strengths and weaknesses of my opponent. My main goal was to watch out for front forehand corner, where Chinese player cross slice drop from the rear forehand corner and also smash around the head, I needed to cover the line, because it was incredibly accurate.

       Despite my best efforts, I lost after 40 minuts 13/21, 11/21. But I will remember this match for a very long time. I spent the following days with light training, watching and enjoying the rest of the tournament. After returning to the Czech Republic, I will be enjoying 2 free weeks, relaxing in OLYMP, and then some light practice, before heading back to Germany.

        The next tournament will then take place at the end of August in Barcelona, Spain – the Spainsh Masters from Grand Prix Gold category.

From Czech, Adam 





Zdravím z Německa. Tento týden už se to dalo :-) jsem rád, že můžu trénovat i venku. Jo a ty stopy vzadu jsou všechny moje :-) Greetings from Germany. Back in the office again :-) all those tracks behind me are mine :-)


Pár fotek z finále, nebylo to vůbec snadné. Obrovský respekt Honzovi Frölichovi jak se dokázal na celý turnaj připravit a jak mu to pořád ještě neskutečně hraje. Bylo mi ctí hrát finále s takovýmto borcem. Chtěl bych ještě jednou poděkovat všem, kteří mě podporovali a podporují. Všem fanouškům, všem sponzorům, bez kterých bych nemohl jít touto cestou, všem lidem, kteří mi na té cestě pomáhají - však vy víte 👏 Díky moc.


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