German preparation


        After my return from Africa, I started preparing for the upcoming World Championships 2018, which is about to take place from 30.7. to 5.8. in Nanjing, China. It is great to return after two successful tournaments into an environment where the training schedule is clearly given, great sparing is available and everyone has the same motivation for every day´s hard work.


        The training schedule for each week is sent to us every Sunday evening by our Chinese head coach, Mr. Xu Yan Wang, so that we know the structure of that week trainings. It is all combined very well, gym, playing and stabilization/balance exercises. It is a more professional approach, which I am very grateful for, because it is a step forward for me.

        We train 6 hours every day. On Monday, Thursday and Friday, there are two phases, first one in the morning, 9-12 am. First 90 minutes are dedicated to balance exercises on foam boards (for strengthening ankles and knees), mobilization exercises (for stretching joints and muscles) and endurance training, which takes approx. 70% of this part and consists of strength exercises on gym machines, high-frequency and speed exercises. This also includes stabilization exercises for strengthening the inner core muscles, which are also very important, as I´m finding out. After these 90 minutes we move on to the court. We play a lot of 2 vs 1 combinations, at a high pace, when two players put pressure on just one player. The focus is on the first 6 shots. It´s always a various mix, with changing game pace. That’s what gives a spark to the training.

       Everyone here knows what they want. Nobody has to be forced to go to practice and fully focus. It might seem like a sure thing, but believe me, I have been to a lot of training environments, and it is not always like this. In the afternoons we usually do interval exercises 2-3 vs 1 or practice matches.


       My final week of training before I go to China is starting now. I am looking forward not just to the World Championships but also the following tournaments. It makes me happy when I can feel that my play is constantly evolving. It may not be visible immediately, but over time, the result will certainly come, at the right moment. For now it´s just train, sleep, eat and train again. Sometimes it is really difficult, but I know very well why I chose this, and I´m so thankful for this opportunity.


Greetings from Germany, Adam





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