VIII Santo Domingo Open 2017


       The next tournament of the BWF International Series world tour was VIII Santo Domingo Open 2017 in the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. Upon my arrival, I imediately felt a temperature shock, caused by very hot and wet air. I arrived 3 days before the beginning of the tournament, so I was able to activate my body after the 24 hour long journey from Prague. I was able to train not only in the hotel gym, but also in the main arena, where the tournament was to be played. I soon noticed that the conditions were going to be very difficult, a 10 minute trip from hotel to the arena was as exhausting as a 1 hour practice in Europe.

       In the first two round I won against a player from the Dominican Republic and then I managed to beat Rodriguez from Mexico. I always tried to play an efficient game across the whole court, to try out all kinds of strokes and adapt to the conditions. Also the shuttles were flying faster, altough this was no surprise. After these two victories I went on to the quarterfinals on Wednesday. There I was up against the best Mexican player, Luis Ramon Garrido.

       He is a physically strong player whose greatest weapon is his powerful smash shot. During the match it became clear that he doesn’t miss any and allways hit the line. We were playing long rallies when suddenly, at the beginning of the second set, I started to feel that something was wrong with me. My body became weak and dizzy, my head was spinning. When the score was 9/10, I suffered a temporary blackout, waking up on the floor. That put an end to my Carribean journey, ending up in the 5th place.

       I’m glad it wasn’t anything serious. When you train every day, travel a lot and always strive to improve, you can easily forget the most important thing - your health. And now I was reminded of its key role. Nevertheless, on Thursday afternoon I’m going to Budapest, Hungary for my next tournament.

       Greetings from Brno, Adam





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