Slovenian International 2016


        One of my last tournaments took place in Meldove, Slovenia this week. I travelled there together with my coach Standa Kohoutek right from a national team camp in Nymburk.

        My first match was on Friday afternoon, my opponent was Matthew Carder, current champion of Scotland. I had been suffering from digestive problems since the morning, so I didn’t feel well at all. My legs weren’t working much and my whole performance wasn’t good. But I fought hard and in the end I managed to win 21/13, 16/21 and 21/8. In the second match I was up against Slovenian player Miha Ivanic. This time, however, I really lacked power, my play was very defensive, which is usually not my style. I lost 17/21, 20/22. I drove home immediately after the match to recover during the weekend.

         It wasn’t a very pleasant thing to happen, especially on a match day, but it was a new experience for me and I hope it won´t ever happen to me again. I´ll be back in practice tomorrow to prepare for the last 3 tournaments of the season. Thanks for your support, Adam





Thomas Cup 2018, Kazaň

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