Thomas cup


        I arrived in Kazan, Russia together with the Czech national team on Sunday evening. Our first match was against unpredictable Ireland and that match was key to us. I got the opportunity to play the third match against the current Irish champion, Nhat Nguyen. Right from the beginning, I felt composed and I was enjoying the game. I was active and didn’t let my opponent do much. I won 21-16, 21-14, adding one point to our team´s victory 3-2.

        On Wednesday afternoon, we played against Lithuania. We were the favourites of the match, but that didn’t mean it would be easy. I played the third single, winning over Mark Sames 21-14, 21-12. The team won 5-0, and we were about to fight against Germany for the quarterfinal.

        Germany is one of the best teams in Europe so we had a difficult time ahead of us. We wanted to win some points in singles, where we had more chances for success. This time I played double with Peter Koukal. The score was 1-2 after the singles. Unfortunately, we couldn’t win any double so we lost 1-4. Overall, we took the ninth place, which was quite nice for us.

        After returning to Czech Republic yesterday, I´m about to have a calm weekend and then comes the Austrian Open in Wien. Take care! Greetings from Brno, Adam





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