Tesinky pohar 2016


        My first tournament in the new season was no other than Těšínský pohár 2016. I always look forward to it, because it takes place in the city where I was born, Český Těšín. This means that I can always count on a large number of fans, who cheered me up all the way to my victory last year. However, this year I didn’t manage to repeat that success.

       Before the tournament, everything had been going well. I felt prepared and ready to play. But from the first round on, it was rather miserable, I was fighting for every point and hoping that it would get better and I would start playing what I had practiced and wanted to play. But that didn’t happen.

        After winning against Jan Benbenek 21/16, 21/17 and Jan Hubáček 17/21, 21/10, 21/17 my next match was the semifinal against Max Koreny on Sunday. I knew that unless I started to play a better badminton, I couldn’t win. And I really couldn’t. We were playing long rallies and I was creating the game while Max was just returning and waiting for me to exhaust myself or make unforced mistakes. I had to leave the tournament after losing 15/21, 14/21.

       Although it didn’t go as I expected, I´m very thankful to all the fans who came to support me! It was an honor to play in front of such great people. Now I´m moving on to my next tournament starting this Thursday, the Yonex Estonian International in Tallinn. Greetings from Brno, Adam Mendrek.





MČR 2016, Karviná

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