2015 Scottish Grand Prix


        One of the last tournaments of this season was the Scottish Grand Prix in Glasgow. I headed to Scottland after winning Prague Grand Prix at the weekend. This was the first time I attended this tournament, so I was really looking forward. As I’ve already mentioned, the tournament took place in Glasgow, in the Emirates Arena, which is expected to host the 2017 World championships. I liked the arena very well, I felt really good playing there. My opponent in the first round was the current Belgian number 1 and 69. player in the world, Yuhan Tan. We already came across each other last year in Morocco, where I lost to him in the quarterfinal in four sets 1/3 (we played according to the new system till 11 points). The match was on Wednesday at 17:00.

         All matches would start exactly on time, so I could fully focus on a proper warm-up and my mental composure. Yuhan took the lead in both sets, especially in the first one. It took me a while to get used to the air conditioning blowing more air from one side than the other. But once we got into the game, it was quite a balanced match. What a pity I didn’t catch the game pace in the beginning. The balls were slow, so the exchanges were longer and we were both waiting for the other one to make a mistake. I regret being unable to win the 18/18 tie in the second set to get the third set. In the end, I lost 14/21, 18/21. Recently, I’ve been having trouble getting through the first rounds. On the other hand, I’ve had some high-quality matches against good players and I believe that, once I start putting in more of my tenaciousness, I’ll be more successful in the next tournaments.

        Thanks everyone for all your support! Now back to practice, work hard and get some results next time in Italy. From aboard the flight to Vienna, Adam





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