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       The first part of my summer preparation is almost over. The two weeks in Malaysia have been a great experience. Everything went well just as I had expected. New training methods, immediate feedback from coaches on what I should focus on and most importantly, high pace of the game.
       Monday, Wednesday and Saturday meant morning practices focused on stamina. On Monday and Wednesday,  I would start off in gym, doing program put together by my fitness trainer David Nerud. Then we would move to the arena to do skip jumping, shadow on court or explosive exercises. Running on time was also included. We also had endurance running on both Saturday mornings. The rest of the practises took place on the courts.
       I´m really happy that I got the opportunity to play against the best players from the academy. High game pace, different playing styles and most importantly, players better than me were what I´d needed. From the outset, I had to get used to a much faster game as the shuttlecock flies faster in higher temperatures. I gradually got used to it and then I was able to fully focus on the actual exercises.
       Although we only played simple combinations one-on-one and two-on-one, it was quite demanding because they were long, each took around 15 minutes. It was crucial to stay focused. Tuesday afternoon seemed to me most difficult. We did multi-feeding for two hours and I had to change my T-shirt four times. I also needed fresh socks and shoes, so high was the humidity in the arena. You can check out the videos on my Facebook FanPage. I also have to mention my practise matches in different variations. On the whole court, with limitations (only clears and drops allowed), or different parts of the court. A great diversification, one always has to think how to play.
       I´m moving on to Semarang, Indonesia, on Friday morning, where I´m about to spend the last days of my summer preparation. I´m looking forward to being able to compare the practices in both countries. I also want to thank all the couches who were taking care of me, mainly to Krishnam Yogendran who showed me what I should work on the most.
Greetings from Malaysia,





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