Yonex Hungarian International 2015


         After a longer period of training in Prague and Brno, I took part in my next tournament, Yonex Hungarian International 2015 in Budapest. My father accompanied me to make sure everything goes well. I felt really well-prepared. I had put a lot of time into training and everything seemed to be good. In the first round, I was up against my former training-buddy from Prague, Nick Fransman from the Netherlands. The match started on Friday shortly after 12:00. I know Nick very well from when we trained together, so we knew each other’s weaknesses.

        I started the match quite good, we were fighting for every point. But after the break in first set, I started to speed up my game a make mistakes, so I lost 13/21. The second set was different, I played patiently and maintained my lead until winning 21/12. Even the third set looked promising from the beginning, I was playing the right tactic. Unfortunately, when the score was 5/5, I had a dispute with the refree about his decision so instead of focusing on the game, I ended up fighting with myself. Suddenly, I was losing 5/8. From then on, I was just trying to catch up but I didn’t succeed, I lost 12/21. I was content with my performance, I think I could have won. However, I keep on having things unimportant to the match on my mind.

        Now I’m going to Prague for practice and senior Grand Prix A at the weekend. Next week I’m flying to Scotland for another big challenge, Scottish Open 2015. Greetings from Prague, Adam

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