20th Benatesky pohar


         The new tournament season was opened by the 20th anniversary Grand Prix A Benátecký Pohár, taking place in Benátky nad Jizerou. I signed up for this tournament not only for practice, but also to win some points and improve my position in Czech senior ranking from second to first. This position is important for me mainly because of the upcoming Czech Championship in February.

        I was accompanied by my father who acted as my coach and pointed out the important features of my game that I wanted to try and put to use. Each round was very useful to me as my opponents played various game styles. I wanted to focus on changing the game tactics during the match, watch my opponent´s style and adjust my style accordingly, which I succeeded in. When I slipped into just playing all around the court, my father was there to remind me of what I was supposed to focus on. However, the semifinal and final were different. That was the first test of my mental endurance. I was up against very capable opponents who take part in international tournaments and know what global level badminton is like. Both Míra Janáček and Lukáš Zevl gave me a hard time, especially in the marathon-like 90 minute final, which turned out to be a tough fight for each point. Nonetheless, thanks to keeping a cool head and good decisions in the endings of second and third set, I managed to win 17/21, 21/19 and 22/20.  

        I am really happy I won this tournament, coincidentally won by my father 20 years ago. Now I´m heading for the Academic Championship of the Czech Republic in Olomouc, 10.-11.9.

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