First days in Malaysia are over....


        This year, I decided that I wanted to try something new. I was in Donnguan, China two and a half years ago, and this time it´s Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Semarang, Indonesia. It means two weeks of hard practice in each country, and also an effort to adapt to the Asian playing style, which I face on the international scene, while not in Europe. It is certainly a great impulse and change before the new tournament season starts off.
        The first stay is at the New Vision Academy in Kuala Lumpur, recommended to me by a former great player and a friend of mine, Kenn Lim. The flight Vienna-Frankfurt-Singapore-Kuala Lumpur took 15 hours. Upon my arrival on Thursday evening, I was accommodated in a hostel for players, called Forum 19, located just 8 minutes by car from the Academy. My biggest problem during the first days was that I couldn´t fall asleep, because of not only the 6-hour time difference, but also the immense heat coupled with high humidity. However, I´m already getting used to it and the air condition in my room is working at full speed.
       Talking about practices, there are two of them every day, each two hours long. This includes 3 physical condition trainings (gym, running) a week. What takes place at the courts doesn´t differ much from what I did in China in 2012. Long intervals and simple combinations are the best words to describe those practices. My coach always matches me with as many different players as possible, so that I face different playing styles. The main surprise for me was the high humidity in the arena. I thought I was prepared for it, but it was really extreme. During each practice, I use 4 T-shirts and drink 3 litres of water and isotonic drink mix. This may be exactly what I lack in Europe, different training conditions to toughen up my body.
       Today, on Sunday, I´m having a free day. Kenn will pick me up and show me around the town. I´ll try to take some good shots and record how everything is going on here. You can check my Facebook FanPage to keep yourself posted.
Greetings from hot Malaysia,

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