41st Polish Open 2015


        It's been already 2 weeks since I played my last tournament in Poland. We played in a really nice complex near by the Ukraine borders. The place was called Arlamow. I went together with our coach Dicky and my team mates Petr Koukal and Jaro Vícen.

        My first match in quaification was on Wednesday morning. I played against Ociepa from Poland. I tried to play longer rallies to get used to for court and hall. I won 21/10, 21/13. In the second round I was up against another polish player Piotr Wasiluk. He used to be second best polish player, when we were in juniors so I knew it's gonna be hard for me. I did my best to get ready mentally  for the match. I knew it's gonna be important. We both played up and down, but in a crucial moments I was better player on court and I took the game after 21/15, 21/18 win. This win led me into the final of qualification, where I met the current finnish champion Anton Kaisti.

         I have never played him before, but I knew, he is really good player. His shots are steep, mainly his smashes are mostly finishing shots. From the beginning we both played patiently. But as long as we were playing long rallies, the speed of our game increased. After 50 minutes I won 21/17, 13/21 and 21/19 and I went through to the main draw! I was so happy I managed it.

         In the main draw I played Hsueh Hsuan Yi of Chinese Taipei. We played on Thursday morning. Untill 11 points, where I was twice 11/9 up, it was an equal match. But later I started to do mistakes and he was just waiting for his chances. I lost 13/21 and 12/21. A little bit disappointed after the match, but overall I was really pleased by the way I was playing on this tournament. I hope i can keep on playing like this in the upcoming tournaments! Greetings, Adam

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